The index of Persuasion and suggestibility

This statistic will depend for its compilation of the cooperation and participation of the citizens of each country that is interested in providing us information so that we can publish it in this site. Any citizen of country X can inform us about the demonstrations in favour of homosexuality that has done publishes any prominent figure. For this you must fill in the form below. The information will be verified and be published once have an acceptable sample of data.


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Statistics on the degree of Persuasion and suggestibility by country

The following table lists the information provided by visitors to this portal of the 15 public figures more prominent in each country that have expressed in favour of homosexuality. It should be clear that this information do not measure the proportion of homosexuality in the population of each country. As have signaled this would require of a sampling work perfectly random in each country. This is an expensive task that requires financing to be able to be carried out. In the absence of that funding we opted to use the former instrument that indicates, as we have pointed out, the force with which society moves towards the transition of a heterosexual society a homosexual.

Once that information is verified will be statistically process. The results of the statistical process will be presented in this same place.

Individual Results